2024.04.11   New front photo (or actually, an old one from autumn 2022.
2023.12.16   Added photos on Cilaz from both Eckerö in September and from Skogskyrkogården in November
2023.12.14   Unfortunately we lost Cassie due to age on Monday.
My thoughts are with Jossan, and Maria already in heaven waiting for Cassie.

Lots of photos added on Cilaz, from a photo session at Drottningholm on October 30, 2022. Photografer the excellent Camilla Jakobsson.
2019.11.23   August 20th we lost Viruz. He was 14 years old, had a fabulous life until the end. Thank you Bettan and Maja who gave him all the love he could ever ask for in these last years of his life.
2017.06.14   New photo of Cilaz
Thank you so much Mama-San !!!
2015.07.26   New photos of Cilaz, thanks to my best friend Madde !!
New results of Cassie, she gained 2 more 1:st prizes in Obedience and the gained the title LP1
I also missed that she last year was approved in ability test Blood Tracking. All is updated in her own page now !!
HUGE congratulations Maria - you are fantastic :)
2015.06.02   New results of Cassie, she won an obedience class 1 with 179,5 points
Congratulations Maria !!!
2014.06.03   New photo of Finn Noir Fiona - daughter to Pascha. Thank you so much Nina!!
2014.04.26   New photo of Ezy, thank you Marie and Nikkih !!!
2014.03.12   New photo of Ezy, thank you Marie and Nikkih !!!
2013.10.11   New photo of Caizer, thank you Madeleine !!!
2013.09.27   Updated the latest results from Cassie and her Rally obedience.
2013.09.22   Yesterday I got the great news from Maria, she entered a Rally obedience competition with Cassie and got their 3:rd pass in class 2 "Fortsättning". Now Cassie's official name is RLD N, RLD F Callenco's Royal Cassiopeia.
Today they competed again in the same class, and gained a winners place!
Congratulations Maria, I'm so proud of you both !!!
2013.08.07   New link to the research of Epilepsy at Uppsala SLU.
New photos of Viruz & Cilaz.
2013.07.08   This weekend I got the fantastic news from Maria, she entered a Rally obedience competition with Cassie and got their 3:rd pass. Now Cassie's official name is RLD N Callenco's Royal Cassiopeia. Congratulations Maria, I'm so very proud of you !!!
2013.06.07   Pascha kids:
Aslan has become Best In Show at the German Specialty June 2nd.
Etza competed in Rally obedience novice and got 98/100
Congratulations to all involved !!
2013.05.17   May 17 I lost my best friend, my soul mate and my once in a lifetime dog.
Pascha 2000.03.24--2013.05.17     ♥ RIP ♥
2013.05.12   Yesterday Cilaz was entered at a mental description. He passed with nice results and I am very proud of him. Secure of gunshots and a happy little fellow =)
Swedish protocol - or if you want: English protocol
2013.03.29   Arielle, daughter to Pascha in Germany, gave birth to 3 males & 3 females
on March 26th. Congratulations to Dorrit and family, we are so happy for you!
New link to kennel vom Keppelner Stein.
2013.02.16   Remember the great show in Ivö, Swedish Special?
That show took Pascha to a 7th place as Best Show Groen of the year 2012 !!
2013.01.26   New photos of Spader Ess Mr Hectos, son of Viruz. Thank you Kjell !!

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