2012.12.30   New photos of Asco (son of Pascha) and his daughter Amy.
2012.12.25   New photos of Hyper - thank you Kitty !!
Some new photos of Cilaz and Viruz, playing in the snow at Christmas Eve.
New photos of Askja, daughter to Pascha. Thank you so much Antje !!!
2012.12.02   New photos of Yenna and Cilaz.
2012.09.25   New photo of Asco vom Johannisbach, thanks to the Kolk family !!
Asco also became a father September 20th, to 1 boy and 3 girls. Congratulations !!!
2012.09.07   New results of Hyper, thank you Kitty !! Hyper now has qualified to class II in both Agility and Jumping =)
2012.08.24   New photo of Etza, daughter to Pascha. Thank you Karin =)
2012.08.05   New photo of Cassie. Thank you Malin!
New photo of Pascha, thank you Sakke!
New results of Hyper, 2 clear rounds and moved to second class in agility!!
Congratulations Kitty !!
Our big specialty, SBU, was Saturday. Cassie got Excellent 4 in Junior, and Pascha got Excellent 3 in Veteran with CQ.
2012.07.27   New photos of Cazino "Cassius". Thank you Julia !!
New results of Hyper, thank you Kitty !!
2012.07.22   New photos of Spader Ess Mr Hyper, son of Viruz. Thank you Kitty !!
2012.07.16   New x-ray results, this time of Yenna A/A hips and 0/0 elbows. Congratulations !!!
2012.07.14   New photo of Yenna, Cassius and Caizer, 14 months old now. Thank you all !!!
2012.07.08   New photo of Askja, daughter to Pascha. She lives a great life together with
her friend Ginny, the Corgi. Herding, playing and sleeping together at home.
2012.07.06   New photo of Cilaz and all the others at Herding Camp.
2012.06.17   New photos of Grozza, daughter to Viruz. She is 5 weeks pregnant with her second litter. She lives in Norway.
Photos from the All breed open show at our club, Stockholm Södra BK. Judge Morgen Nilsen. Pascha was BOS and later on BIS-4 Veteran.
2012.06.16   Both Cilaz and Cassie were x-rayed on Monday 11th.
Cassie has hips A/A and elbows 0/0
Cilaz has hips B and elbows 0/0
Photos of Cilaz joints HERE.
2012.06.07   Loooots of new photos of Cilaz at herding camp. Thank you SO VERY MUCH
Carola, for taking all the photos !!!
2012.06.04   New results on Cilaz. Yesterday he passed his Herding Instinct Test.
Thank you so much Carola, for arranging this weekend for all of us. And BIG thanks to kennel Evallens (Kelpie & BC) for taking us and guiding us into your world.
2012.05.29   New photos of Cilaz, taken by my dear friend Sakari Joenväärä. From the breed show on Ivö. Thank you Sakke !!!
Cassie was shown in Vallentuna the other day. She got Excellent, CK, Best female and BOS. Congratulations Maria & Jossan!!
2012.05.27   Hyper has been competing agility again, they got their second leg in agility class 1. Congratulations Kitty !!
2012.05.26   News!! Hobby has been on a mental description and did very well. No fear of gun shots. Congratulations Åke & Carina !!
2012.05.20   New photos of Pascha and Cilaz & Cassie from the Ivö show, thank you all!!!
Also photos of Hudson and Chino.
2012.05.18   New photo of Pascha, thank you Zaida.
Show results for Pascha & Cilaz from the Specialty at Ivö, Skåne.
2012.05.12   New photo of Pascha, Viruz and Cilaz together with their friend Axa.
2012.05.05   New photo of Pascha's daughter Xurits Ezy. Thank you Marie!!
2012.04.29   Happy birthday Cazino, Caizer, Chino, Cilaz, Cassiopeia and Cayenne.
1 year old today, April 29, 2012 !!!
2012.04.19   Viruz son Hyper has an agility result, his first leg in agility class 1.
2012.04.04   Cassie was BIG-2 at an open show last Sunday. Congratulations !!
New photo of both Cassie and Caizer, who had a fun day at Caizers place. Thank you Madeleine for the photos !!
2012.03.24   This weekend we celebrat my sweet Pascha (12 years today) and my wonderful brother Micke (33 years tomorrow). CONGRATULATIONS !!!
2012.03.19   New photos of Cassie from the show Saturday !!
2012.03.18   Cassie was Best in Show - Reserve yesterday at the open show in Sollentuna. Congratulations Maria & Jossan !!!
2012.02.24   Kritiken på Cassie i lördags: Feminin tik med bra huvud och uttryck. Välplacerade öron. Bra skalle. Fint nosparti. Bra hals. Tillräckligt vinklad fram och bak. Bra kropp. Fin rygg. Något sluttande kors. Passande benstomme. Rör sig väl från alla håll. Fin päls. Välvisad. Trevligt temperament..
2012.02.18   New photos of Cassie. She was entered in a puppy show today, about 420 puppies. Cassie was placed as no.1 in Group 1. I'm SO PROUD, congratulations to Maria and Jossan !!!
2012.01.23   New photos of Chino and big brother Hudson. Thanks Torbjörn & Sara !!
2012.01.21   Studio photos of Cassie, Yenna and Cilaz.
2012.01.14   Cassie, Yenna and Cilaz have been to a puppy show. Cilaz was shy today and didn't get an honour prize, but Yenna and Cassie did. Cassie ended up as BOB-puppy. Congratulations all !!!
New photos of Cassie, Yenna, Caizer and Cilaz, now 8,5 months old.
2012.01.08   New photos of Cazino (aka Cassius) from 6,7 and 8 months. Thanks Sari !!!
New front photo of Pascha and the gang.
2012.01.05   New photo of Chino, thank you Sara !!