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Pascha - at our big specialty, Stockholm 2012.08.04
Thank you Sakke, as always I'm so happy about you catching my dogs perfectly.
Pascha - SSBK All breed open show. Judge: Morten Nilsen.
Greta handled Pascha and I handled Axa.
Axa BOB, Pascha BOS and BIS-4 veteran.
Pascha - Ivö Specialty May 17, 2012
Excellent1 veteran, 2nd best male, BOB-veteran, BIS-2 veteran, Trophy for "Twinkle in the eyes", honoured in Veterans over 10 years. Photo: Anne S. Fallesen (left photo) and Zaida Sjöblom (right photo) - THANK YOU !!!
Photo: Lizz Genborn Photo: Carin Lyrholm
BIS2 veteran & 2:nd Best Male at 12 years.
Ivö Specialty, May 17, 2012.
Photo: Annelie Johansson Photo: Mona Wikström Photo: Sakari Joenväärä

2012.05.05 - Axa, Cilaz, Viruz and Pascha
Photo Mona Wikström

2012.05.05 in Ågesta, Stockholm, and at Greta's home.
On the table, from the left: Zinja, Cleo, Grazia (the Shipperke) and Axa
On the ground from the left: Pascha, Inja and Soya. Photo Carin Lyrholm
Photo taken by Mona Wikström, at the Stockholm
International Show 2011.12.12
Pascha got Excellent in Veteran class.
Photo taken by Eija-Leena, 2011.10.02 in Skogås.
Photos taken by Madde, 2011.09.10 at SSBK.
Pascha July 10th.
Photo by Mona Wikström
Viruz, cousin Axa, uncle Pascha & son Cilaz, July 10th.
Photo by Mona Wikström
2011.05.29 Photo by Carin Lyrholm
2011.04.15 Photos by Carin Lyrholm
Pascha, Viruz, Bissie.
2011.02.12 on a winter walk together with Madde & Ila
Saying hello to a 2 week old budgie =)
Running in the snow together with his sister Soya.

New collars again =) These ones are ordered from Jeanette Laine at


My sweet prinze is turning into my sweet SILVER prinze =)


Were do you keep your wallet? In your handbag? No, the safest place is...
in Paschas mouth =)


2010.08.07. Pictures taken by Sakke, kennel Taikatalven.


Puppies of Pascha 2010.06.24
From the left: Cichlas Caro & BISS vom Johannisbach, handler Morten Jensen
Blake Rose vom Johannisbach & Aslan vom Johannisbach, handler Rainer Hente

Pascha, 10 years old 2010.04.11
Pascha, 10 years old 2010.04.11
Pascha, Viruz and Bissie, 2010.04.11
2010.02.05 Pascha went to the spa! "Dog Planet" had lessons for new groomers, and needed some test dogs. So, Pascha and his sister Soya joined =)


Virus got himself a new collar 2009.10.30
Pascha got a lot of attention from my aunt Kerstin's white shepherd Jackie today.
She danced for him like crazy, but he didn't join her... =)
Photos taken by Sakke, kennel Taikatalven, in Finland. Photos taken by Anne, kennel Dark'n Smart.
Paschas progeny group at Ivö, breed show 2009.05.21
From the left: Aslan- Blake Rose- and Biss vom Johannisbach, A-Te-Ell's Madame Tascha and then Pascha.
Bissie, Virus and Pascha 2009.04.25.
2009.04.03 - Lots of photos from our fantastic springtime walk this morning. Just click on this text to get to the album.
Pascha pictured 2009.03.03 down by the lake.
Pascha & Virus pictured 2009.03.03 down by the lake.
- 10 degrees. Pascha & Virus down by the frozen lake Drevviken 2009.01.04.
Photos taken 2008.10.11 by Carin Lyrholm. Thanks mom, and Lizz and Zinja who helped me calling the dogs.
Photos taken by Sakke, kennel Taikatalven, in Finland.
Photos taken by Alexandra Finke.
Pascha got some agility training with Madde and he just loved it !!!
Virus, me and Pascha in my moms garden 2008-05-24.
Pictures taken in March 24-25, 2008.
Photos taken 2008-02-23.
Photos taken 2008-02-23.
Pascha & Virus searching for candy in the "candy tree".

(These photos you can find on Virus' page as well.)

Photos taken 2008-02-23. Pascha & Virus having fun in a beautiful and sunny February day.
(These photos you can find on Pascha's page as well.)
Old man with a healthy mouth. Watching out for Fluff.
Photos taken 2007-09-03
Pascha offer a sale for some Virus. But he can also admit that it's nice with the company sometimes...
He can be nice and beautiful, or ugly and terrifying =)
Photos taken 2007-08-11.
Photos taken 2007-06-06
Pascha playing with my mom, May 6, 2007 Pascha and me, May 5, 2007
Pascha the 6th of May, 2007.
Pascha pictured on the 25:th of March. The two last pics together with nephew Virus.
Greco Comme un Reve Noir, A-Te-Ell's Madame Soya, Virus & Pascha 2007-03-25