2010.12.24   I got a Christmas card from A-Pascha in Germany. Thank you very much, Monika & Olaf.
2010.12.18   Added some new photos from Viruz accident, taken by Lisa Bång.
2010.12.12   New photos of Hectos, son of Viruz. Thank you very much Kjell !
New photos of both Viruz and Pascha in the snow. Some of the snow photos of Viruz is added in his knee-operation-gallery.
2010.11.24   Updated plans, Viruz will be used at kennel A-Te-Ell.
2010.11.14   New photo of Hudson, thank you Sara!
2010.11.13   Hectos has been to a show - BOB puppy!! Congratulations to Kjell & Hectos !
2010.11.10   Loooooots of new photos of both Hobby and Hyper.
New link to von den Swarzen Photen, Germany (Asco - son of Pascha).
2010.10.30   New photos and a new video from Viruz' swim lessons (at the bottom of the page).
Thank you mom, it was fun to have you with us at the Rehab Center.
2010.10.17   LOTS of new photos of Hobby (son of Viruz), thanks to Åke & Carina !!!
New photos of Granada (daugther to Viruz) as well, thanks to Inger and Angelica !!!
2010.10.10   Got the news today that Pascha's first born daughter Nika (Noblesa Niobe Hvezdna Laguna) got her last
BOB veteran to become a Czech Veteran Champion !! Congratulations to Nika and breeder/owner Lucie !!!

I have updated my plans for 2012 after meeting the wonderful Giacomo vom Philippshof.


2010.10.05   New photo of Hectos, son of Viruz. Thank you Kjell !
2010.09.19   Happy, son of Viruz, has been shown for the first time, BOB-puppy and BIS-4 puppy
Congratulations to the Pavelic family !!!
Hyper has been shown today, BOB-puppy. Congratulations Kitty !!!
2010.09.17   New photo of Hera, daughter to Viruz. Thank you so much Gudrun!
Also 3 new photos of Hudson, son of Viruz. Thanx to Sara for the email !
2010.09.11   I have now set my plans for the future. I will use my own Viruz on Bissie for her first litter
and planned mating will be in january/february 2011.
2010.09.08   New photos of Hectos, thank you Kjell !!!
2010.09.04   New photos of Pascha's daughter Nika (Noblesa Niobé Hvesdna Laguna), thanks Lucie !
I forgot to update a week ago....Viruz' son Hyper has been shown in puppy class. BOB and BIG-2 =)
Congratulatins to Kitty and Hyper !!!
2010.09.01   Photos in the gallery of the animals at Circus Maximum, in town for the day.
2010.08.31   My boyz got new collars today =), both Pascha and Viruz.

New photos of Cichlas Caro, thank you so much Sissel. Caro is such a great dog =)

2010.08.15   New photos of the Viruz-son Hobby. Thank you so much, Åke & Carina !!!
2010.08.10   Got a photo from Göran Elmertoft, from this spring.
Pascha is the cutest =)))
2010.08.09   New photos of Bissie and Pascha, Thank you so much Sakke !!!
2010.08.03   New photos of both Spader Ess Mr Hudson and Spader Ess Mr Hyper, thanks Torbjörn and Kitty!
New video of Spader Ess Miss Hera in Norway, playing with all her friends. Thank you Gudrun and Anders !
New photos of Viruz taken August 1.
2010.07.25   New link to Sara and her dogs Roxy and Oui (links of other breeds).
2010.07.21   Lots of new photos of Spader Ess Miss Hera, daughter to Viruz.
Thank you so much Anders & Gudrun !!!
2010.07.19   Now the photos from Large Agilitydogs at the Swedish Championships in Karlstad is in the gallery.
New link to Sakke, kennel Taikatalven Malinois in Finland.
2010.07.18   I got a message from Lucie in Czech Republic that Nika (Noblesa Niobé Hvezdna Laguna)
became Best veteran yesterday! Congratulations !!!
I also got some new photos of her, thanks Lucie !
New photos of Hobby, thanks to Carina and Åke !
2010.07.17   New links to kennel Riverlee, kennel Camms, Kenzo & Nova and
Haninge Hundhälsa (Rehab Center).
Added a video of Viruz' last swim lessons at Haninge Hundhälsa, 2010.07.15, in his knee surgery page.
2010.07.14   New photos of Hectos, son of Viruz. Thank you so much Kjell !!!
New photos of Hyper, son of Viruz. Thank you so much Kitty !!!
2010.07.13   New photos of Caro and a kitten.
2010.07.10   New photos of Hera and Granada.
2010.07.05   New photos in the gallery - Safari photos from Kolmården Zoo
A video clip from Hyper and his "big bro" Rex, running around in the garden.

Vill du att jag fotograferar just din hund,
eller är du intresserad av att köpa ett foto från mina album? Klicka HÄR.

New photos in the gallery. Added nearly 100 photos from the Medium Finals at the Swedish Agility Championships
in Karlstad 2010.06.20
New photo of Hudson, thanks Torbjörn !
New photos of Hyper, thanks Kitty !
New photos of Happy and Hera, thank you Inger !
New photo of me and mom and our Doggie Trailer.
New photos of Bissie, taken by Pia Koskinen when showing in Denmark.

2010.07.01   New photos in the gallery. Added nearly 100 photos from the Small Finals at the Swedish Agility Championships
in Karlstad 2010.06.20

Updated with the results of Bissie from World Winner Show in Herning, Denmark, as well as the Breed Specialty in Silkeborg.

2010.06.28   Photos of 4 Pascha puppies in the World Winner Show 2010.06.24.
2010.06.23   Arielle is x-rayed with A-hips and 0-elbows. Congratulations Dorrit Klapdor in Germany!!!
New photos of Hera, daughter to Viruz.
2010.06.14   Last weekend Spader Ess Miss Granada (daughter of Viruz) was Approved Aptitude Test Blood Tracking.
Congratulations Inger - you are great !!!

New photos of Hyper, his "brother" Rex and his new human mom Kitty.
New photos of Hectos and his new human dad Kjell.
Hera did blood tracking for the first time.
Grappa is used to do blood tracking now, she takes lessons.

2010.06.06   New photos of Bissie from yesterdays show in Velamsund
New photos of Happy, son of Viruz
Wish you all a great National Day today !!!!
2010.06.05   A got a little video of Hudson from his young owner Sara. Thank you =)
Bissie was shown today at the Breed Specialty.
We settled with Very Good and a 4th place in open class females.
2010.06.03   New photos of Hudson, thanks Sara!
2010.06.01   New photos of Hyper and Hobby.
2010.05.31   The puppies from Viruz*Fajta got their own pages now.
2010.05.30   New front photo of Gangster, a 9 week old Chihuahua owned by friends.
2010.05.22   Got a really nice e-mail from Karin & Etza. They have competed in obedience and got a 1:st prize and WON the class!!!
Huge Congratulations from me and the boys =)))
New photos of Etza, taken at the prize ceremony.
Spader Ess Miss Grozza Virus competed in obedience in Norway, 2:nd place with 175,5 points and moving up to class 2.
Congratulations from me and "daddy" Viruz !!!!
2010.05.16   I've been to kennel Spader Ess this weekend and cuddled with the Viruz babies
New photos of them all, now 6 weeks old.
THANK YOU Inger & Hanna, who opened up their house for me and Madde (and all the dogs) from Saturday to Sunday.
THANK YOU Madde for a great company, driving through Sweden and at Inger's place, and thanks to Marie (with Grappa) for visiting us.
I had the best time together with you all!!!

Bissie was shown today at Ivö, Specialty, with Excellent, 1:st in open and 4:th best female.
Rose got excellent and was 2:nd best open female.

Congratulations to Rainer Hente, kennel vom Johannisbach
Show in Dortmund - May 8
Rose - 1 excellent, VDH-Ch.A, R-CAC, R-CACIB - VDH CHAMPION
Ambra - 2 excellent, R-VDH-Ch.A
Arielle - 3 excellent
Show in Dortmund - May 9
Rose - 1 excellent, VDH-Ch.A, CAC, CACIB
Arielle - 3 excellent
Ambra - 4 excellent

2010.05.08   New photos of the puppies from Viruz, now 5 weeks old.
2010.05.07   New agility album from the competitions last Sunday.
Class 1 & 2 at Stockholm Södra BK
2010.05.06   New photo of Tissot, thank you so much Bonnie !!!
2010.05.02   New photos of the Viruz-puppies, 4 weeks old.
2010.05.01   I got a new photo of Bissie from the breed show in September last year.
Thanks Pernilla, it's just a WONDERFUL photo !
2010.04.25   New photos of Viruz' 3 weeks old babies at kennel Spader Ess.
2010.04.18   New photos of the puppies from Viruz, at kennel Spader Ess
Grozza (Viruz*Fajta) did her Mental Test in Norway yesterday, passed and secure of gun shots (protocol in Norwegian).
2010.04.13   New photos of Bissie, Pascha, Viruz and all 3 together.
2010.04.10   Photos of the puppies, 1 week old now!!!
2010.04.05   New gallery - Swedish Championship in Freestyle.
New photos of the newborn Viruz-babies.

Fajta is giving birth right now. 3 groen males, 2 terv males and 1 terv female.

2010.03.21   New link to Followit, webshop.
2010.03.16   New link to kennel Dustar, Sweden.
2010.03.15   New photo of Tascha, daughter to Pascha.
2010.03.14   A couple of new photos of Viruz.
A video of Fluff eating some catnip candy.
2010.03.04   New photos of Viruz' knee, now 3 weeks after the surgery.
I took some silly photos of Viruz' tongue =))).
2010.02.26   I have tried to make a page about Viruz' knee surgery with text and photos.
Feel free to check it out but be prepared for some uncomfortable photos days after surgery.
2010.02.20   Grozza competed in obedience today, 140 points in class 1. Congratulations !!!
2010.02.10   Yesterday was a dark day for Bettan and her family. Pascha's daughter Thindra was euthanasied due to her epilepsy.
2010.02.06   Pascha went to the spa yesterday =)
2010.02.04   New mating today, photos from the date =)
New photos of both Granada and Fajta.
2010.02.02   Successful mating between Fajta and Viruz today !!!
We expect the puppies to arrive around April 6 and to go to their new homes around June 1st.
2010.01.23   Fajta is in heat, mating with Viruz is planned in the beginning of February.
New link to kennel Awbari in Sweden, breeding Afghan Hounds.

New links to a couple of really nice males in Germany... Giacomo and his brother Gerro.