Fluff & Tuff are born 030912 and they are bred by Mia Antonsson in Gothenburg (Blackravens kennel).
Their mother is Fru Larson (a mix of 50% Norwegian Forest Cat and 50% Swedish House Cat)
 and their father is Gråben (Norwegian Forest Cat).
Fluff is the blue one and lives with me & Tuff is the brown one and lives with my father. That's her own choise, since she just couldn't stop harass Pascha.

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Video from 2010.03.14 - Fluff eating some catnip candy =)

Photos taken February/March 2010.
Tuff. Photos taken 2009.09.29
Just hangin' around, doing nothing... Don't even think about drooling on my paw! Ah ah, you really don't need to taste me!!! Damn dogs, can't have my beauty sleep by myself
Me and my stupid friends at home, "the dogs".
To the left: Pascha. To the right: Virus
Fluff taking a nap. Time to clean ! My favourite girls !!!
Photos taken 2006-02-26.
Photos taken 2005-11-12.
Photos taken 2005-11-12.
Virus has his birthday today, he is 4 months old. Well, you can't come to a PARTY with dirty clothes... Time to fix my PARTY COAT.
Photo taken 051015. Photo taken 051015. Photo taken 051015.
Photo taken 051015. Photo taken 051015. Photo taken 051015.
Having a nice moment, all three of my darlings.
Fall 2004.
Hey, I think we have an intruder in the house ! ! ! What is this? An Ibizan Hound... I have never seen anything like it before. Funny ! Well, I just MUST tuch her, maybe she is a nice dog...? Pascha, do you know her?
- Yes, it's my Queen at my breeders in Åkersberga.

Well, Hound or not. We all have to wait in line to get a drink in this bar. Kittens first, then Hounds, then Herding dogs...

Theese photos are taken in fall 2004.
Sonny ! ! !

Our big idol, Sonny. This is "Elvis" cat in the daily slip, in the morning paper. Click to see the slip in actual size.
Click here to go to the official Elvis site!

Tuff_Giraff.jpg (17353 byte) Fluff_farfar.jpg (22512 byte) Fluff_farmor.jpg (23689 byte) Fluff_farmor2.jpg (22687 byte)
Tuff is taking a nap with the Giraff. Fluff is getting to know my grandfather, Rolf. Well, Fluff decided that my grandmothers lap was the best Hey, granny! I want to look at the photografs too...
Tuff_farfar.jpg (28341 byte) Fluff_pappa.jpg (19184 byte) Fluff_Tuff_tvatt.jpg (28137 byte) Tuff_sover5.jpg (15695 byte)
Tuff is relaxing with Rolf. Quite comfortable ! Hmm. Lots of good stuff on the coffee table... Fluff wonders what she will take. Well, time for the daily cleaning. One gets really tired having guests. Tuff is sleeping in moms lap.
Hey, what have you got there??? Aha, a Zebra. I'll kill it myself ! Hm, where can I hide my kill? Got it !!!
I'll hide it on the Zebra carpet of course :-)

Fluff taking a nap.

Time to clean up. Cleaning and snuggeling at the same time. Fluff and Pascha. Tuff in the kitchen window.
Hey, come on!
I'm tougher than you think...
Well, do you want to box?
Tuff v/s Tea
Playing with a ball can be as much fun.
Playing around in the kitchen. Photo Carin Lyrholm. Playing around in the kitchen. Photo Carin Lyrholm. Playing around in the kitchen. Photo Carin Lyrholm. Playing around in the kitchen, Soya is watching. Photo Carin Lyrholm.
Soya playing with Fluff. Photo Carin Lyrholm. Soya taking a nap with Tuff. Photo Carin Lyrholm. Soya and Pascha are playing with their new toy; Tuff. Photo Carin Lyrholm. Fluff figuring something out... Photo Carin Lyrholm.
Tuff playing, Tea watching :-) prrrr prrrr. I'm soo cute !
It's quite tough to get a drink in this place... Okey, it's big enough for me ! I can see EVERYTHING from here...
Tuff tries to help mom with the cleaning :-) Playing as much as possible, first day at our new home. Enough playing ! I'm tired...
I'm a STAR ! ! ! Where's Santa ? Fluff taking a rest.
First meal in our new home. It's really fun to play around as wild cats...
Wrestling. Hey ! Come back here, I'm supposed to take photos of you... Taking a nap with big brother Pascha.
Cutie ! ! ! Model maybe ?!?! Sleeping after a hard day of changing homes. Over 500 km by car makes you really tired :-) Fluff & Tuff with their new friend / brother Pascha.

Now they have entered their new home. No the slow days are over.......

Fluff v/s Pooh. Tuff & Fluff posing. Fru Larson
Look Garion, I can walk by my self:-) Fluff & Bruntee Fluff Fluff thinking of something... I'm sooo cute ! Hihi, you can't find me.
Fluff watching out! Trying to catch mom... Tuff thinking about something. Tuff thinking even more...
Taking a nap with our mother.     Fluff posing with her breeder/master Magnus.