Viruz lived with Elisabeth Wallin in Gävle.
They just loved each other and I couldn't have made a better choice for his future!

  • Virus is born 15th of June year 2005.
  • Reg: S46966/2005
  • Owner: Caroline Appelfeldt
  • Breeder: Anders and Carin Lyrholm.
  • Complete Scissors bite
  • Hips: A/A
  • Elbows: 0/0
  • Eyes: clear 2006, 2009
  • Height: 62 cm
  • Length: 62.5 cm
  • Seizure: free

A-Te-Ell's Monsieur Savoy

C.I.E. NUch DKUch s.r.
EUW-00 EUjW-99
Greco Comme un Reve Noir
Vendredi des
Terres Bergeres
ItCh HonCh IPO I
Vörös Pimpernell Tosca
s.r. RA Bsg-00
Chili van't Belgisch Schoon
Jason de la Douce Plaine
HollCh s.r.
Gailly van't Belgisch Schoon
Marmara Kiwi NordCh JV-99 JK2 Korad
Dubion Wroom
FinUch FinBch Korad
Valkohampaan Decameron
Valkohampaan Cit-Cat
Korad W-98 
Marmara Galaxie
Int & Fin & Est & DkCh, 
FinBCh Hk3 VK3 Korad s.r. 
Valkohampaan Onyx

Korad Marmara Demeter