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My sweet sweet Viruz! 2012.05.05 - Axa, Cilaz, Viruz and Pascha
Photo Mona Wikström
2012.05.05 in Ågesta, Stockholm, and at Greta's home.
Montmorenja's Koda Virus, grandson of Viruz, 10,5 months old.
Photo by Montmorenja.
Photos taken by Madde, 2011.09.10 at SSBK.
Montmorenja's Karma Virus, granddaughter of Viruz, 7,5 months old.
Photo by
Merethe Varslot Boneng
Viruz, cousin Axa, uncle Pascha & son Cilaz, July 10th.
Photo by Mona Wikström
I got my hoodie sewn with the text "svart arbetskraft" (undocumented manpower is called black manpower in Swedish) and also "Carro & Viruz" by Jeanette Laine. Thank you Jeanette!
2011.04.15 Photos by Carin Lyrholm
Pascha, Viruz, Bissie.
2011.03.02 Photos taken by Carin Lyrholm.
2011.02.12 on a winter walk together with Madde & Ila
2011.02.12 on a winter walk together with Madde & Ila
2011.02.12 Morning in the sun, looking at the roe deer's from our veranda.
2011.02.10 Viruz got a reflection vest. It's absolutely perfect !
2010.12.31 - attending some winter fun games with friends at New Years Eve
Photos by Åza Molnar, thank you !!

New collars again =) These ones are ordered from Jeanette Laine at

Viruz August 1:st, 2010.
Pascha, Viruz and Bissie, 2010.04.11
Photos taken 2010.04.11- nearly 9 weeks after surgery. Almost looking normal.
Photos taken 2010.03.14 - almost 5 weeks after surgery. Looks really nice huh? =)
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Virus got himself a new collar 2009.10.30
Viruz waiting in the evening light. I promised to take photos of a friends training group, but I couldn't help taking a couple on my sweet little Viruz =)
Swedish Specialty, Stockholm, 2009.08.01. Photo by Sirpa Heilä
Virus and me doing some heel work 2009.07.30
Laying down during heel work. Stay down =)
Virus playing like crazy with Bonnie, the Portugese Water Dog.
Thanks mom for these wonderful pics.
Photos taken on Gotland 2009.06.28
First time on a trim table. "Want to play???" No??? Ok, I'll just lay here and sleep then..."
Bissie, Virus and Pascha 2009.04.25.


Virus and his daughters Grappa (terv) and Granada (groen) 2009.04.10
Virus & Grappa Virus & Granada Granada & Grappa


Virus and his daughters Grappa (terv) and Granada (groen) 2009.04.10
Grappa & Granada Virus, Grappa  & Granada Virus, Grappa & Granada
Granada, Grappa & Virus Virus, Granada & Grappa Virus, Grappa & Granada
2009.04.03 - Lots of photos from our fantastic springtime walk this morning. Just click on this text to get to the album.
Virus pictured 2009.03.03 down by the lake.
Pascha & Virus pictured 2009.03.03 down by the lake.
The best place to sleep. In front of the radiator, between the sofa and armchair. Under the curtains and on his own pillows =)
- 10 degrees. Pascha & Virus down by the frozen lake Drevviken 2009.01.04.
No problems to play with strangers. Running to see were mommy went. Checking out the bad guy popping up so suddenly just before Virus was supposed to run after mommy.
An interesting and funny looking stranger, but when she stopped playing Virus lost interest of her. Suddenly something attacked us when walking. Virus didn't react very much on it, but checked it out directly. No problem walking by.
Photos taken 2008.10.11 by Carin Lyrholm. Thanks mom, and Lizz and Zinja who helped me calling the dogs.
Virus is having a training lesson with Mikey.
Thank you Mikey, this was FUN !!!!
Virus in the finals in Eskilstuna together with Laekenois Roughrags Rage (ended up BIS-2) and Tervueren Spinoys Iason. Thanks to Bettan for the photo of the three musketeers. Bissie BOS and Virus BOB, Eskilstuna 2008.09.14.
Here handled by Marre & Mikey. Thanks !
Photos taken by Alexandra Finke.
Virus at Ågesta 2008.07.25
Virus handled by Heidi Lernæs in Oslo, Norway, June 29th.