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Virus' team FRISPEL. From the left: Virus, Ila, Dusty and Fri
Madde & Virus 2009.06.06
Agility at Solna Sundbyberg BK 2009.06.06
2nd place of 51 in Jumping class. Thanks Madde!
Jumping class 1 2009.05.03 in Stockholm
Agility class 1 2009.05.03 in Stockholm
Agility class 1 2009.05.02 in Västerås
From training 2009.04.29
Photo: Anna Müller
2009.04.09 - Lots of photos from training yesterday, both Virus and some friends. Just click to get to the album.
Please, tell me to jump! First time he ever saw the long jump. He handled it perfectly. Virus is waiting for his turn...
Virus is starting to understand the wheel. Open tunnels are fun =) This is the second time we try him in the soft tunnel. No problem !!!
Virus has a new friend, Madde. She will try to train Virus in Agility from now on. If it turns out well maybe they can compete in the future...