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Virus, me and Pascha in my moms garden 2008-05-24.


Me and Virus at the beach in Denmark 2008-05-02.


Virus & Yazza playing at Ulla & Carinas house. Virus & Viola at the beach in Denmark 2008-05-02.


Pictures taken in March 24-25, 2008.


Photos taken 2008-03-08.


Photos taken 2008-02-23.


Photos taken 2008-02-23.
Pascha & Virus searching for candy in the "candy tree".

(These photos you can find on Pascha's page as well.)


Photos taken 2008-02-23. Pascha & Virus having fun in a beautiful and sunny February day.
(These photos you can find on Pascha's page as well.)


Photos taken 2007-09-03


Typical Virus, running, running, running and running... Photos taken 2007-08-11


Kissing his aunt Soya, and then just being beautiful. Photos taken 2007-08-11


Photos taken 2007-06-16


Photos taken 2007-06-06


Virus pictured on the 22:nd and 25:th of March.
To the right: together with uncle Pascha.


Greco Comme un Reve Noir, A-Te-Ell's Madame Soya, Virus & Pascha 2007-03-25


Virus 2006-11-26. We had a wonderful traning day in the cold winter landscape. This day's agenda was tracking.
Photos by Helen Engwall.


Virus 2006-12.11.
This is his new beautiful custom-made working sign.
Design by, and made by
Jeanette Laine.


Virus 2006-11-26.


Virus & Pascha, so sweet together. Photos taken 2006-11-26.
  Pascha: "Well, come on.
Move your legs !!!"
Virus: "You can't catch me !"  
Pascha: "Run, you little nerd."   Virus: "Let's fly old man..."  
  Virus: "Oh shit. Now you are really close..." Pascha: "Got'ya!" Virus: "OK, friends again?"


Virus training some search. Photo: Grimlock's


A/A hips 0/0 elbows


2006-11-08. Today Virus got his hips and elbows x-rayed. Now it's only the looooong wait for the results from the Swedish Kennel Club. 
Time for the sleeping shot. Well, Virus needed less than 5 minutes, then he was gone! Sleeping beauty and our lovely friend Jojjo, also our veterinary ass.


Photo: Allan Bank
Both me and Virus listens to all of Annie's tips and ideas. Giving Virus a task to do when lying down. "Put your snout on the target". Cutie gets some cuddle after work. 


Virus_223_tracking.jpg (50606 byte) Virus_224_tracking.jpg (50858 byte)
Virus asks me if I'm ready to track one last time this day. Time to put the harness on. Virus has inherit Pascha's Nome, of course in the colours of Belgium. The starts is seldom a problem. Just for me because I'm not fast enough... Well, off we go !
Virus_225_tracking.jpg (53556 byte) Virus_226_tracking.jpg (55569 byte) Virus_227_tracking.jpg (51400 byte) Virus_228_tracking.jpg (52997 byte)
Virus rearly takes his nose of the track. This track was quite windy, but he handled it well anyway. Virus found the first object, a wooden stick that he wants to change for some candy. Still tracking with the nose on the ground, down every footstep.  
Virus_229_tracking.jpg (48068 byte) Virus_230_tracking.jpg (59407 byte) Virus_231_tracking.jpg (54452 byte) Virus_232_tracking.jpg (40533 byte)
"Hey, Tomas. Do you see what a wonderful dog I have?" Well, he found the end, but wanted to track some more. I'm HAPPY !!! "There's my group of friends, lets run mum!" This is a face of a really proud owner, she can't behave herself =)


Virus has been to the eye specialist Titti Sjödahl Essén. Everything looked fine.
Virus was of course like he allways is, jumped up the table directly when we entered the room. "Well, Virus is ready" I said, and the veterinary laughed.


Virus is not an easy target.......


It's nice to share cage with my young cousin Yazza  =) Virus at "Belgarträffen" 2006-09-02.
2:nd best male, open show.


Virus pictured by Craig Fynmore, Australia.
Thank you for yet a couple of professional photos of my darling =)
Virus pictured by me in the morning 2006-08-12.
A real cutie !!!!


Virus pictured by Marina. Thank you SO MUCH for these pics ! 2006-07-12


Relaxing before work. Discussing tactics? Oh god! Will this work??? Well, no problems yet. Our teacher Tomas Ivarsson walks with us. Ah, Virus found a bucket of candy.
Mmm, it's really good. One more bucket. Virus have found the end, and Tomas gives me credit. Virus keeps on looking for tracks... ... and find them under Tomas feet.
Having a good conversation before next run. OK, next track but Virus just have to say hello to Tomas first... Virus have found the end, but wants more =) I'm so PROUD !!! Cutie, flirting with Tomas Taube.  


Virus and Pascha in Orhem, 2006-07-15


Virus tracking, 2006-07-15


Virus taking a class in tracking, 2006-07-11. Teacher Tomas Ivarsson.


Virus in Eskilstuna 2006-06-24.
Photo: Carin Lyrholm


Virus 1 year old 2006-06-17.
Photo: Carin Lyrholm