2011.12.30   New photo of Bissie, or a digital sketch made by Ute Becker. THANK YOU !!
2011.12.26   New photos of Cayenne, Cazino and Hobby (son of Viruz).
New link to kennel Teides, Sweden.
2011.12.22   Re-organised Xplorer's page and photos. Added some more photos as well.
2011.12.18   New photo of Askja, daughter to Pascha in Germany. Thank you Antje!!
2011.12.12   New photo of Pascha.
2011.12.10   We went to the Stockholm International Show. This year I entered Pascha in veteran class and he became 2nd with Excellent. He got the most wonderful critique:
Excellent size, masculine dog, excellent head type. Still wonderful shape. Lovely long, well chiselled head. Parallel skull, high set ears, still very expressive. Lovely neck. Well angulated, square in body, good substance.
As a youngster he must have been very beautiful and he still is beautiful. Moves coordinated. Shows slightly age in back hind. Still all teeth, and beautifully clean.
2011.11.12   New photos of Montmorenja's Koda Viruz (grandson of Viruz). Thanks Ann-Merethe !!!
2011.11.11   New link to "Your Dog in focus", a friend of mine helps you to work with your dog or maybe solve problems or help you with other stuff.
2011.10.30   Yenna was shown today for the first time. Honour prize and BOB Puppy!
Congratulations Johanna and family!!
New photos of Hudson and Chino, thanks Sara!
2011.10.23   New photos of Caizer, thank you Madeleine !!!
A wonderful photo of Hobby as well, thanks to Carina !!!
A couple of photos of Hyper and Hudson from last weekend, and 1 photo of Chino and Hudson as well. Thanks Sara !!!
2011.10.16   Hyper and Hudson has done their mental descriptions. The results in Swedish you can see HERE. For an English version send me and email and I'll give you the text.
Photos of Hudson & Hyper during the descripions and a couple of the 2 brothers together.
2011.10.05   New photos of Yenna, thank you so much Johanna !!
2011.10.03   A news photo of Caizer and his master Madeleine. Lovely couple !!
2011.10.02   A news photo of Pascha and me, that says it all. LOVE !
2011.09.18   A huge congratulations to Chino and family. Chino was at a show today and got HP and BOB puppy =)
2011.09.10   New photo of Cilaz and Viruz, taken by Madde. Thank you =)
2011.09.03   Cassie have been shown today, she ended up as BOB puppy and BIS-2 puppy. Congratulations !!!
Two new photos of her on her page.
New photos of Caizer, thanks Madeleine !!!
2011.08.26   Loooots of photos from the Swedish Championships 2011, IPO & Working.
New photos of Caizer. Thank you Madeleine !
2011.08.23   New photos of Chino and Hudson.
New photos of Cassiopeia and Cilaz, both playing and training for show.
2011.08.15   New photos of a granddaughter to Viruz, Karma, in Norway.
New photo of Chino.
2011.08.12   New photos of Yenna, thanks Johanna!!
Spader Ess Mr Hectos, son of Viruz, have been shown with excellent results: Best of Breed and CACIB. Congratulations !!
2011.08.10   New photos of Hudson, thanks Torbjörn !!
2011.08.08   Cilaz got a new head page, with a link to photos.
New photos added on Cilaz photo page.
2011.08.04   New link to Ute Becker's Collage page, Germany.
2011.08.03   Hudson has been x-rayed: Hips A/A and Elbows 0/0. Congratulations !!
New photo of Cayenne, 13 weeks.
New photos of Cilaz, 13,5 weeks
2011.07.30   New photos of Chino, Caizer and Cilaz, 13 weeks
2011.07.29   New photos of me, from The Studio in Stockholm.
New photo of Cilaz
New photo of  Spader Ess Miss Hera, daughter to Viruz.
2011.07.26   New photos of Tayo, 7 years old now. Son of Pascha.
New (old) photo of Xurits Eroz, also son of Pascha.
2011.07.23   New photos of Thurbo, 7 years old now. Son of Pascha.
2011.07.17   New photos of Tascha, 7 years old, and also A-Pascha in Germany. Both kids to Pascha.
2011.07.13   It's so sad, Bissie have left us after a short time of sickness. She leaves us
in deep sorrow and I can only wish I will meet her again some time !!
New photos of Cilaz, 10,5 weeks old.
2011.07.11   A couple of new photos of Cilaz and also Viruz & Pascha.
2011.07.10   New photos of Askja and also of Cilaz.
2011.07.05   New photos of Caizer and Cassie.
New photos of Cazino, Chino & Cilaz.
New photos of Askja, daughter to Pascha.
New blog (in Swedish)
2011.07.04   New photos of Chino, Cayenne and Caizer.
Thank you ALL !!!
New front photo of Cazino and Cilaz from June 27th.
2011.06.28   Spader Ess Miss Grappa - Approved Aptitude Test Blood Tracking
Congratulations to Marie, owner, and to Inger, handler and breeder !!
New photo of Noblesa Niobé Hvězdná laguna , thanks Lucie !!
2011.06.25   A couple of new photos of the puppies, from the day before yesterday.
All the puppies have their own pages now.
2011.06.24   4 of the puppies have moved to their new homes, Yenna, Cassie, Caizer and Chino.
New photos of them individually, 8 weeks old.
2011.06.22   Photos from the BSB Speziale in Germany on both Arielle, Asco and Rose.
New photos of the puppies, 7,5 weeks old.
New blog (Swedish but with photos to look at for you un-Swedes)
Viruz' son, Spader Ess Mr Hobby, has been x-rayed with A-hips and 0-elbows. Congratulations !!!
2011.06.20   I got an email from Dorrit who ownes Arielle. They have been to a Spedialty Show in Bergkamen, Germany, 2011.06.18.
Arielle - CAC, BOB and BIS-2
Asco - excellent 2
Rose - excellent 1 and Best female 2
Vom Johannisbach got BIS-2 Breeders group
2011.06.17   Photos of the puppies, 7 weeks.
2011.06.13   Updates on the litter page with some info about the puppies.
There is still 1 male puppy available, preferably for an active owner with ambitions to train and maybe compete in agility, obedience or something like that.
2011.06.10   The puppies are now 6 weeks old, new photos !!
2011.06.05   A couple of new photos of Hudson and Hyper, thank you Sakke !!!
2011.06.05   The puppies are now 5 weeks old, new photos of each individual and also
a photo of them eating puppy food with their maize gruel.
New photos of Viruz' sons Hudson and Hyper.
2011.05.31   The puppies have been outside for the first time.
2011.05.30   Individual photos of each puppy. Lots of new playphotos as well.
New photo of old Pascha =)
2011.05.28   The puppies are 4 weeks old now. Lots of new photos.
A couple of new photos of me and Viruz in my new hoodie.
2011.05.22   More photos of the puppies at 3 weeks.
New link to the Shop CRT Zoologiska, the shop I use to buy dog and cat stuff.
2011.05.21   The puppies are now 3 weeks old.
2011.05.17   The puppies 18 days old.
2011.05.14   Yes !! Spader Ess Mr Hyper is x-rayed with A/A hips and 0/0 elbows.
Congratulations Kitty !!
2011.05.13   The puppies are now 2 weeks old.
2011.05.07   CONGRATULATIONS to Dorrit and Arielle, winning BOB, CAC, CACIB Friday May 6th at VDH Europasieger Show 2011 !!!!
She now also has the title VDH Europasieger 2011 and will be VDH Champion when confirmed by the VDH Club later on.
Spader Ess Mr Hectos (son of Viruz) has been x-rayed with A/A hips and 0/0 elbows. Congratulations Kjell !!
2011.05.06   The puppies are now 1 week old. New photos of them at the puppy page.
2011.05.02   New photos of Spader Ess Mr Hectos, son of Viruz.
2011.05.01   Photos of the puppies !
2011.04.30   Photos of the little ones !
2011.04.29   PUPPIES BORN !!!!!!
2011.04.18   New photos of Bissie, getting really big. New photos of her and Viruz and
of all three of them.
2011.04.15   A photo of me and my favourite Pharaoh hound Papyrus.
2011.04.09   Hectos, son of Viruz, have been to an open show. Honor prize and BOB.
Congratulations to Kjell !!
2011.03.19   Viruz have been to an obedience competition. 2nd prize and 147,5 points (of 200).
New link to kennel Laggartorps in Sweden.
Nytt inlägg i bloggen !
2011.03.06   New photos of Hudson now 11 months old. Thank you Torbjörn.
2011.03.02   Successful mating again between Viruz and Bissie, they mated 26/2 + 28/2 + 2/3
New head study of Viruz taken by my mom, thank you!!
2011.02.26   SUCCESSFUL MATING between Viruz and Bissie !!!
New photos of Bissie
New photos of Hyper, thank you Kitty !!
A video of Hera from summer time. Thanks to Anders.
2011.02.18   BISSIE IS IN HEAT !
Viruz will be bred to Bissie in the end of February. Puppies due in the beginning of May.
Inquiries most welcome !
2011.02.12   Loooots of new photos of both Pascha & Viruz.
Thank you Madde for taking them, it means a lot !
2011.02.05   New photo of Pascha, sharing a moment with a baby budgie =)
2011.02.03   I just added a pdf-file with empty litters that I know of...
Why is it that so many females is empty or get only 1 or 2 puppies last few years?
My hopes is that maybe someone will see the answer in my document, we don't...
2011.01.15   New photos of Hera in Norway, thank you Gudrun!
New photos of Viruz from New Years Eve, taken by Åza Molnar!

New links to a couple of really nice males in Germany... Giacomo and his brother Gerro.