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Nelly-Noblesse and Ullhedens Bandit
Owner & Photo: Raija Puronaho, Sweden
NellyBozz2.jpg (46280 byte)

Aboucher's Astor D'mike


Baudwin Whirling Dirvisher
Photo: Callencos

Belger Vitesse Hyvä Tjo-Hanna
Owner: Madelene Andersson, Sweden
Photo: Tomas Johansson
Birry Barnacky Prame´n
Owner: ZKovarny, Czech Republic.
Photo: Nikoleta Balazikova
Bästdals Vanja
Owner: Monika Lindblom, Sweden.
Photo: Bästdals, Sweden.
Bastdals_Vanja.jpg (25128 byte)
Bästdals Vemund
Owner: Åhrlin Ulrika, Sweden.
Photo: Bästdals, Sweden.
Bästdals Viljar
Photo: Bästdals, Sweden.

Chatojo's Emil O'Mohawk
Owner: kennel Chatojo , Norway
Photo: Callencos


Debelisi Hurricane
Owner: Katarina Jönsson, Sweden


Eternity's Bennett of Solamnia
Owner & photo: kennel Hotot's, Sweden


Fakaiser's Pheebe d' Platine
Owner: kennel Himbis, Sweden

Fannyhills Oboy D'equinox
Owner: Jaana Möller, Sweden.
Photo: Callencos
Funky du Sart des Bois
Photo: M Fischer

Gorou du Crepuscule des Loups
Photo: M Fischer


Himbis Baylor
Owner: Anki Sjödin, Sweden
Photo: Callencos

Himbis Bonnie
Owner: Jesper & Eva-Lena, Sweden
Photo: Callencos
Himbis Brizna
Owner: Tobbe & Bissan
Photo: Callencos

Jespers Oscar Hvezdna Laguna
Owner: Lucie Kazmercikova, Czech Republic.
Photo: Nikoleta Balazikova


Kid-Dylan van de Lamar
Owner & Photo: Beata Reimanova


Lafitte du Parc de Pathyvel


Marimick's Camille
Owner & Photo: kennel Tigermånen, Sweden


Nightfires Thunder Bolt Into Wildfire
Photo: Callencos


Odin de la Prairie de la Sommerau
Owner: Norbert Braun, Germany
Photo: Birgit Kaiser


Stayer Dogs ToppKlocka
Owner & Photo: Roland Pettersson, Sweden 

Swan de la Prairie de la Sommerau
Owner & Photo: Bästdals, Sweden.
SwandelaPrairiedelaSommerau.jpg (19537 byte)

Taikurin Ukelele
Owner: kennel Workaholic, Finland

Thinice La Croix
Owner & photo: kennel Urdabrunnen, Sweden
Tokay van de Hoge Laer
Owner: Katarina Jönsson, Sweden
Photo: DeBelisi

Van het Roedelhof Zaiko
Owner: Kees Stoel, Holland.
Photo: Lola Löwenberg, Sweden.

vanhetRoedelhofZaiko.jpg (15792 byte)

Workaholic Bugaboo
Owner: kennel Workaholic, Finland

Workaholic Bugaboo & Workaholic Basilica
Owner: kennel Workaholic, Finland
Workaholic Dill-Dill
Owner: kennel Workaholic, Finland
Photo: Callencos
Workaholic Ta-Ram-Tam
Owner: Heierås, Norway.
Photo: Nina Toivonen, Finland.
Workaholic_Ta_Ram_Tam.jpg (7221 byte)Workaholic_Ta_Ram_Tam2.jpg (10201 byte)