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This is the Labrador Ila. Virus just loves her but Ila is a little more mature =).

This my friends, is the Irish Wolfhound Fröyel. She is FANTASTIC!
Great looking and she was sooooo funny to play with.

This is the Samojed Larissa and the mini-schnauzer Tea.
They were Paschas neibourgs and close friends. Now we only meet Tea some times a year.

Photo: Johanna


MARCUS, the cat.
This was Pascha's best friend at home.
He was allways waiting behind the door when we came home.
Now, unfortunally, hi has gone to "better places"...

Marcus & Pascha out taking a walk at kennel A-Te-Ell's place. Summer 2002.

Marcus & Pascha taking a rest in the sun at kennel A-Te-Ell, summer 2002.

When Xplorer was alive this was his best friend.
They could play really rough for hours...