Pigge was Marcus brother. They were both bought at a cat orphanage as about 5 months of age.
Pigge was a bit strange. I will never stop wondering about how he lived before they were found. Probably both he and Marcus had a very hard time and got beaten and kicked... Pigge didn't know when he did anything wrong. He just looked at you like a typical "blond" with dumb eyes. He could go to the toilet, half the times in the sandbox, but half the times under the kitchen table, or under the bed, or in the hall or anywhere else...

One day when Pigge was about 1 year old he started to pee in our bed. We called the orphanage in desperation and they asked if we could think of euthanase him. We could and the orphanage took the costs. I will never forget the help and support they gave us until this moment.