Marcus has been put to sleep, 5 years old, due to his Epilepsy. He had daily medication, and was starting to "get tired of it". I took the descission, when I realized that this daily struggle would go on for maybe 10-15 more years. Neither he or I had the strenght to handle that. Thank you Peter for helping me in theese hard moments, taking him to the vet July 2:nd 2002!
Below you can see his life as it was, and his site will be here for a long time.


Marcus the cat is the dogs best friend.
He never fight the dogs and thinks it is sooo fun to play with them. Especially Pascha.
He always waits by the door when we come home and have at least 10 hugs over for us.

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Just waiting for mum to say: Go Ahead. Is Louie having MOORE food than I am? We are starving. Thank god she told us to start eat!!! You and I, Pascha. We are the best and absolutely the most hungry ones in the world... HEY!!! Don't you dare think about tasting MY food too!


Model? Of course! Do I look OK like this? From here I can see EVERYTHING... Mom's lap is the best thing! Mom's lap is the best thing! Dreaming of girls, maybe???


Out in the wildness. A few photos taken in may 2002, at kennel A-Te-Ell and at home. Hey Pascha! I CAN walk by my self, I promise...
In grandma's frontyard. June 2002. I believe Pascha is out of COAT!!! What do you think? I believe Pascha is out of COAT!!! What do you think?


Wow! It's Christmas... Let's see whats inside
Paschas gift!
Well, what is that?
Some dried liver???
Hey! Cat! This is
MY Christmas gift!!!