These photos can be a bit uncomfortable for sensitive people.

2008-01-24 -- My eye operation to get rid of my nearsightedness.
I got my surgery done on the Memira clinic in Vasagatan 38, Stockholm. My optician was Michael Lagerbäck, a very positive and happy man who had no problem to coach me to decide to do this surgery.
My doctor was Mats Kristoffersson and he was very calm and nice to both me and my dear mom who was with me the whole time. Of course she couldn't keep out of the operation, she just HAD to take some photos...!
There was a fantastic woman in the reception, Katharina Kallonen. Full of energy and humour and she made sure that we all felt comfortable.
My nurse at the operation was a nice, calm and harmonious woman named Maria Jonsson. She took really good care of me. I didn't know how she looked like until I saw these pictures, because at first I had no glasses and after the operation I couldn't see very well :-)
1 day after surgery I can see A LOT MORE THAN USUAL, but in some kind of fog. I guess my eyes are tired, they should be.
Well, I'm SOOO satisfied that I finally did it, and I'm walking on clouds for the moment.

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