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Pascha 2006-11-26.
Pascha and Viruz outside our home, 2006-09-07.
Pascha with wife and daughters at SBU 2006-08-05.
Pictured by Beljekali, Australia.
Pascha and Viruz in Orhem, 2006-07-15
One is never to old to play with toys...
Photo taken 2006-05-06
Pascha pictured 2006-02-26 at Drevviken. Playing and posing with baby Viruz =)
Pascha playing and relaxing with his new family member, Viruz.

Photos from our brunch picnic, click here.

Left picture, Pascha in Ch. class. Right picture, Pascha and
Greco in Ch. class. Pascha is handled by Annelie Silvander,
and Greco is handled by Carin Lyrholm.
Pascha was 3:d Best Male and Greco was 2:nd Best Male.
Photo: Mia Modig, Blackraven's
All photos are taken by Craig Fynmore, Australia, 2004.06.13
A birthday gift from the owner of Paschas brother Savoy, Elsa 3 years. Thank you Elsa, soooo much!

My three babies taking a good nap:-)


From a nice autumn day in Fagersta, 031116.

Louie, Luckie & Pascha, summer 2003. Louie, Luckie & Pascha, summer 2003. Pascha and his idol Greco, SBU 2003. Piraya, Soya, Qobra & Pascha, SBU 2003.
Pascha becoming Danish Champion. Judge: Mr Gert Christensen Relaxing before entering the ring in Hilleröd, Denmark 030615

Me and Pascha in Fagersta. Photo by Raija Puronaho.

Cutie ! ! ! This is how tired one can get after a long trip (1400 km) and a bath...

Photos taken by Linda Eriksson