Xplorer was born july 18, 1998 in Belgium. His first eight weeks he grow  up in a home with a lot of love and a lot of other dog friends. Both young and old.

 When he was 8 weeks old a young woman named Caroline (that's me) came to visit the puppies and when the day was gone she and the breeder took Xplorer to the airport.
Now he was going to fly for the first time in his life! No problem, he slept during the whole flight which was nearly two and a half hours.
At the Swedish airport the people from the quarantine were waiting to take him over the night. The morning after the quarantine people and Caroline with her boyfriend Tobias (who had a dream to have the dog as a guarding dog in his work) met at the ferry and we took Xplorer to an island called Åland (Finland). We told Xplorer that he was going to live there for the next 5,5 months just to wait for the rabies shot and some blood tests.

After two months Caroline had a big argument with the family in Åland and they forced her to take the puppy away from their house. We decided to ask kennel Je M'appelle to help us but a lovely woman in Finland (Annika Keto, kennel Workaholic) took him under her wings after just a week and now we lost contact with the family in Åland.  The time went by and finally the day came when we could take Xplorer back to Sweden.
Somewere, something had gone wrong, and no one could say what it was. Xplorer had totally lost his faith in people (except for his family of course) and he barked at strangers so that they wouldn't come near him at all. He had no self-confidence and he had such a large territory that he felt he had to guard us towards all strangers.
We tried to train and activate him as much as possible to make him stop but he just wouldn't. Sometimes it was better if the stranger had a rubber ball in his hand but if not, it just didn't work out very well. When he was 17 months old two professionals told us that they would never take him into their work as a guarding dog. He had to have trust in people, otherwise he could, in the future with bad luck, become really dangerous towards ordinary people.

Tobias and I then took the hardest decision in our lives to put Xplorer to sleep January 21, 2000. We didn't have the heart to place him in another new home again where he had to get to know another new family he didn't love from the very beginning. That's because we have a strong feeling that this was the problem from the very beginning, to move to another family as soon as he had started to love the last one.

We feel very sad about the fact that we had to do like this and we promise you, Xplorer, we will always love you and we are proud to have known you for almost a year. We will NEVER forget you and you will always have a special place in our hearts. Goodbye sweetheart, we will miss you.